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Live with the necessary prefixes


True prosperity in companies goes far beyond numbers.

In an often challenging corporate world, we believe that happiness is the key to lasting success. 


We are truly passionate about human interaction, and this is reflected in every word we share. In our talks, we focus on simplicity and authenticity. We believe that it is in captivating stories, genuine life experiences and tangible examples that we find the power to inspire, motivate and establish a deep connection with each person.

When you choose Happyc talks, you're not just inviting speakers; you're inviting storytellers who understand the value of authenticity. In a world flooded with information, we stand out by providing moments of reflection, lasting inspiration and genuine human connections.


We differentiate ourselves by putting authentic relationships at the center of everything we do. Our workshops are designed as immersive experiences, where the art of communication is explored in its most human form.

Far from standardized approaches, we chose to delve into the nuances of interaction, highlighting the importance of genuine relationships and effective communication.

We focus on practical activities, meaningful discussions and group dynamics that transcend the barriers of superficiality, through catalysts that promote mutual understanding, empathy and collaboration, instead of presenting theories, we provide experiences that empower participants to apply these principles in daily life.


We offer two types of mentoring to help organizations and individuals achieve a more positive and productive work environment.

In free mentoring, we adopt a more informal and flexible approach. We encourage open conversations about challenges, experiences and ideas. We use active listening techniques and share practical examples to inspire positive changes in mentees' attitudes and behaviors. This mentoring is ideal for those looking for more holistic guidance.

In strategic mentoring, we focus on guiding organizations and individuals in a more targeted and objective way. We develop specific strategies to improve corporate culture, promote positivity and increase job satisfaction. We use workplace happiness assessment tools and develop personalized strategic plans to boost employee happiness and engagement.

In strategic mentoring for individuals, we focus on guiding people in a targeted and objective way to achieve greater satisfaction and personal well-being. Using specialized happiness assessment tools, we work closely with each individual to develop personalized strategic plans. These plans aim to boost happiness, promote work-life balance, and explore opportunities for personal growth and development.


In our approach to corporate happiness, we challenge norms with a deeply Socratic methodology. We are not here to simply offer ready-made answers; We are here to question, instigate and transform. Our consultancy offer is essentially based on:

Personalized assessments - In-depth assessments to understand the emotional pulse of your company
Carrying out audits - Detailed analyzes in order to discover the true essence of organizational culture
Strategy development- Development of strategies created from scratch and personalized for significant and sustainable changes.
Individual and Team Mentoring - Personalized, objective and stimulating guidance for personal and professional growth.
Workshops & Transformers Training - Facilitation of intensive workshops that challenge paradigms and encourage innovation.


We firmly believe that investing in personal and professional development is the cornerstone for building truly exceptional work environments. Our approach to training is meticulously designed with the mission to inspire, empower and transform teams, sharing essential skills that drive individual and collective success.

We believe that the success of a team lies in the ability of each member to reach their maximum potential. By sharing specialized knowledge, we promote not only individual growth, but also the strengthening of bonds within teams.

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