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Welcome to Happyc

Your Ally For A Happy Company

A dedicated team passionate about unlocking human potential. We aim to understand and optimize the work environment, fostering happiness, well-being, and high team performance.

Who We Are?

Our main objective is to transform corporate culture by guiding organizations to adopt practices in line with the balance between productivity, happiness, and employee well-being.

What We Want?

We believe in customization to address unique needs both individually and collectively. With our services, we aim to empower individuals, companies, managers, and employees to build happier workspaces.

How We Do?

At Our Command...

In a world often influenced by expectations, I remain unwavering in my truth. I am more than titles - I am a human, a son, a brother, and a father.

My journey on this earth is not about pleasing the crowd; it's about challenging norms, initiating uncomfortable yet fruitful conversations, and illuminating the path to truth. I do not shy away from conflicts that bring prosperity and shed light on the genuine essence of being.

Within the corporate world, I orchestrate a symphony of authenticity. I am dedicated to infusing life into mechanical processes, injecting humanity into every interaction. My focus is on understanding the intricate dance of human emotions within organizational structures. I seek to anticipate needs, deeply comprehend desires, providing not only tools and resources but the very essence of motivation.

At Our Comand

Fábio De Pina

My mission goes beyond empathy; it is about creating an unwavering foundation of genuine care. I build environments where people are not only attuned to their purpose, but where authenticity pulses through the organizations they are part of.

I create spaces where diversity is not just a buzzword but a celebration, where inclusion is not a policy but a way of life. My energy is a beacon, illuminating safe spaces where heterogeneity thrives, and where happiness is not a goal but a natural state of being.

This is my commitment: to empower others with truths, challenging the ordinary and guiding them to a world where authenticity reigns supreme. I am not bound by conventions; I dare to confront discomfort and, in the process, gift others not only with good memories but with transformative experiences that break the barriers of the ordinary.

First Happiness Manager in Portugal

Where Do We Go...

At Our Command...

At Our Command...